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Eating Close to Home with Farm-Raised Fish

By Vanessa Herald | Feature Stories | Summer 2017 Issue

…We love our iconic Wisconsin farm scenery with rolling hills and historic red barns and…spring fed ponds of fish? Believe it or not, Wisconsin has a long history of aquaculture, or fish farming, and now is the perfect time to get hooked on sustainable, healthful, farm-raised fish. Maybe aquaculture doesn’t…

Driftless Cafe

By Vanessa Herald | Back of the House | Summer 2016 Issue

…“Sorry I was late. We are building a pit smoker at the back of the café and we were playing with different times and temperatures. I lost track of time.” Those words from Chef Luke Zahm sum up the curiosity and passion that inspire everything behind Driftless Café in Viroqua.…

What’s The First Word of Farm to School?

By Vanessa Herald | Feature Stories |

…There are a whole collection of different activities that fall within the concept of farm to school, including anything from school gardens to student taste tests of seasonal local produce items to local yogurt on the lunch line to an event like Chef in the Classroom. But the first word…

Farm to Institution: Mainstreaming Local Foods

By Wendy Allen | Feature Stories | Spring 2016 Issue

Vanessa Herald, farm to school outreach specialist with CIAS. In addition, students (and let’s face it, adults, too) throw away more food when they don’t know what it is or when it doesn’t look, smell or taste good. Who can blame them? The heat-and-serve norm can look pretty unappetizing, even…

From Dream to Plate: FEED Kitchens

By Vanessa Herald | In the Kitchen with... | Spring 2016 Issue

…It takes more than a good recipe to launch a successful food enterprise. A tangy bottle of local ketchup, an indulgent box of chocolates, or the steaming dish served to you through the window of your favorite food cart— each underwent a complicated process en route to your mouth. The…

Chop! Chop! New Training Videos Help Bring Wisconsin-Grown Produce to School Lunches

By Wendy Allen | Notable Edibles | Fall 2015 Issue

Vanessa Herald at vherald@wisc.edu, or call 608-263-6064.

Kickapoo Coffee: Supporting Rural Ways of Life at Home & Abroad

By Vanessa Herald | Notable Edibles |

…Editor’s Note: The following is a sponsored post about Kickapoo Coffee, who generously sponsored Edible Madison’s Dinner Service event on October 19, 2014. We are thrilled to work with them and share more about the unique work they do. “Our culture is pretty unique in the coffee world. We are…

Julie Engel & “The Coney Garth”

By Vanessa Herald | Feature Stories |

…“The rabbits and the project have stretched me way beyond where I thought I could go. The rewards are rich and deep.” –Julie Engel If you ask Julie Engel, she didn’t choose rabbits, the rabbits chose her. In return she has committed to perfecting a sustainable system for raising them…

Golden Hills Honey

By Vanessa Herald | Feature Stories |

…“You don’t get to know individual bees because they only live three to four weeks. But I do feel a connection to each hive. They really do have their own personality.” – Matt LaForge Matt LaForge has been a beekeeper for half of his life. No, Matt is not in…

Feeding the Soul at Shining Hills Farm

By Vanessa Herald | Feature Stories |

…“Food feeds our body. Flowers feed our soul.” –Ryan Evans, owner of Shining Hills Farm and Garden Upon first meeting Ryan Evans, proprietor of Shining Hills Farm and Garden, it is apparent he loves every aspect of being an organic cut flower grower. A self-described “purveyor of happiness that is…

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