Notable Edibles Winter 2011 Issue

A Brand New Edible Madison Experience Coming in January!

By Wendy Allen 0

Since Edible Madison’s first issue in Summer 2010, we have worked passionately to tell the stories of our Southern Wisconsin region—from the unique local organizations and dedicated individuals striving to create and support a sustainable food system; to the farmers who coax delicious, nutritious, local food from the soil; to unique recipes showcasing the best of our local bounty.

In January 2012, we’ll launch a brand new way to share these special stories and recipes with you. Our website,, is receiving a massive makeover; one that we hope will make your online experience of Edible Madison much more enjoyable, interactive and educational. Click on Eat Seasonal to learn what foods are in season now, and read ingredient profiles for cooking and storage tips. Visit the Recipes section for easy access to all of our previously published recipes. You’ll be able to read and post comments to all past articles, but you won’t have to wait for the next issue to read more—we’re also creating “Online Only” articles, photo journals and recipes that we’ll post daily or weekly! And of course, there will be farmers market and event listings to liven up your weekends.

We are so incredibly excited to launch this new website. With it, we’ll be able to meaningfully connect Southern Wisconsin with even more local food and farming goodness. Please keep an eye out for our new site in January, and we’ll be sure to remind you about it in our next issue.

Thank you to our loyal readers and advertisers for making this new website possible.

Wendy Allen is digital editor, copy editor, and a writer for Edible Madison. She reads style guides for fun, believes stories have power, and is fascinated by the evolution of the English languageā€”for better or worse. Her mission: to wrestle the wily comma into submission.

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