Notable Edibles Summer 2014 Issue

Celebrating the Heartland’s Craft Brews

By Wendy Allen | Photo By courtesy of Agate Publishing 0

As early as the title page, Locally Brewed: Portraits of Craft Breweries from America’s Heartland by Anna Blessing shows the region’s colorful craft brewery tapestry with a collage of the many uniquely designed beer labels and even more unique beer names—Zombie Dust, Curmudgeon, 5 Rabbit. We are definitely not lacking in good brews in the Heartland, so many that Blessing couldn’t fit them all in the book. Alas.

Organized in order from oldest brewery to newest, each section includes wonderful interviews with the people behind the label and even a “Brewer’s Playlist,” a fun little tidbit demonstrating the strong connection between beer and music. Sadly, this book won’t make choosing tonight’s beer any easier because, if you’re anything like me, knowing there’s a good story behind my food (or drink) is a recipe for an expensive shopping trip.

Wendy Allen is digital editor, copy editor, and a writer for Edible Madison. She reads style guides for fun, believes stories have power, and is fascinated by the evolution of the English languageā€”for better or worse. Her mission: to wrestle the wily comma into submission.

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