Notable Edibles Summer 2014 Issue

Did You Know…?

By Wendy Allen | Photo By Jim Klousia 0

Yellow-colored margarine was once illegal in Wisconsin.

The 1895 law banning the manufacture and sale of yellow-tinted margarine was intended to protect the dairy state’s butter-making industry. Non-colored margarine was allowed but sold poorly thanks to its unappetizing resemblance to lard. Though legislation ending the ban was signed in 1967, even today it remains illegal to serve margarine (of any color) in a Wisconsin restaurant or public institution, though the now-obscure law is rarely enforced.

Wendy Allen is digital editor, copy editor, and a writer for Edible Madison. She reads style guides for fun, believes stories have power, and is fascinated by the evolution of the English languageā€”for better or worse. Her mission: to wrestle the wily comma into submission.

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