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Did you know…?

By Wendy Allen | Photo By Jim Klousia 0

Did you know that lutefisk—cod dried to the texture of cardboard then reconstituted in lye (yes, the chemical that burns skin and unclogs drains, but also cures olives and makes bagels shiny)—is still such an important tradition to Scandinavian- Americans across the upper Midwest, that “the state of Wisconsin specifically exempts lutefisk from classification as a toxic substance in Section 101.58 (2)(j)(f) of its laws regulating workplace safety” (, December 8, 2011 - there's more interesting history in that story, too).

We looove our lutefisk (but we really come for the Swedish meatballs, am I right?)

Read more about the local culture around lutefisk (and lefse, and rømmegrøt, oh my!)

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