Last Bite Summer 2010 Issue

Edible Aspirations

By Wisconsin Historical Society 0

Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Liebenberg measure their amazing fourteen-foot tomato plant, 1936. WHi image ID 15357. Printed in The Flavor of Wisconsin (2009).

About The Flavor of Wisconsin
Twenty-five years after its publication, The Flavor ofWisconsin remains the authoritative history of Wisconsin’s culinary traditions. Author Harva Hachten produced a truly remarkable exploration of “the taste of this place,” pairing fascinating essays on our state’s food history with more than 400 carefully chosen recipes from Wisconsin kitchens past and present—from lefse to pierogi, Cornish pasties to Chippewa wild rice, fruit soup to sauerbraten. In the 2009 second edition, regional food expert Terese Allen widens the lens, introducing new topics, expanding on others, and connecting the historical dots of the state’s magnificently rich food history.

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