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Edible Madison’s Local Hero Awardees Pay it Forward to Five Influential Wisconsin Non-Profits

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MADISON, Wis. – April 25, 2014 – Last night at Edible Madison 3rd Annual Local Hero Award (LHA) event, five non-profit organizations were recognized for their hard work and dedication to Wisconsin’s communities. As part of the Local Hero Awards announced on March 13, awardees each received $500 each to grant to a Wisconsin non-profit organization of their choice. The five awardees chose these influential groups:

FairShare CSA Coalition

For more than 20 years, FairShare CSA Coalition has been an important fixture in the state’s local food scene. Though they are based in Madison, they work with small community supported agriculture (CSA) farms across southern Wisconsin. The organization is an important link between these farms and CSA members, providing education, outreach, community-building and resources. Notably, FairShare helps limited-income families purchase CSA vegetable shares through their Partner Shares Program. FairShare CSA Coalition was recognized by Ridgeland Harvest, 2014 LHA winner in the Farm/Farmer category.

Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School

Driftless Café, 2014 LHA winner in the Chef/Restaurant category, gave their gift to Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School (PRWS) to support the school’s vision for “a school community that is ecologically sustainable, financially responsible, morally diligent, socially renewing, and spiritually striving.” Founded 30 years ago, PRWS continues to teach its students using hands-on curriculum that demonstrates real-world uses for what students learn in the classroom and that brings awareness to the interconnectedness of all life. Waldorf education was developed in the early 1900s by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner and is grounded in the philosophy that “education should serve the whole child: head, hands, and heart.”

Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault

The Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCASA) is an association made up of 49 Wisconsin community-based sexual assault service programs that educate communities about sexual violence and help victims get the support and care they need. WCASA emphasizes that eradicating sexual violence requires both prevention and intervention—educating individuals before it happens and investigating the root causes, as well as identifying sexual violence, speaking out and helping the victims on their journey to being survivors. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so it is fitting that WCASA was recognized this month with a donation by Wisco Pop, 2014 LHA winner in the Food/Beverage Artisan category.

Taste the Farmers Market

Taste the Farmers Market, a program of the Viroqua Farmers Market, works in partnership with the Viroqua Food Cooperative and Vernon County Farm-to-School to sample local fruits and vegetables once a month during farmers market season, giving patrons an opportunity to try new local foods while raising awareness about Farm-to-School efforts. Taste the Farmers Market was recognized by Viroqua Food Cooperative, 2014 LHA winner in the Food Shop category.

Driftless Folk School

Driftless Folk School is a 2014 LHA winner in the Non-Profit category, so they will use the award money to support their educational programming. Driftless Folk School aims to preserve rural culture by offering experiences in agriculture, natural history, arts and crafts, and traditions of rural Wisconsin and other cultures. Classes include blacksmithing, wild edibles, carpentry skills, weaving and so much more. Many of the classes Driftless Folk School offers are “dying arts,” skills that have become unnecessary in the wake of modern conveniences, making them all the more important to preserve and protect.

For more information about Edible Madison’s Local Hero Awards and this year’s winners, please visit ediblemadison.com/local-hero-awards.

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