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Equinox Community Farm Pioneers Canned Goods CSA

By Wendy Allen | Photo By Laura Purdy 0

As part of its CSA repertoire, Equinox Community Farm is offering canned goods as an add-on or standalone share. “As far as I know, we are still the only farm doing this sort of thing,” says farmer and owner John Binkley.

As the CSA market became increasingly competitive, John and his crew decided it would be a good idea to diversify. “We figured that if we could take some of our produce out of the CSA market, it would be good both for us and other farms in the area by lessening the competition for CSA shares, if only very slightly.”

They offer pickle and relish shares, “salsa, jam, etc.” shares, and winter preservation boxes containing an assortment of everything. Some of John’s favorites are their balsamic and pepper pickled strawberries, roasted corn salsa, and vanilla strawberry jam.

John joins the crew in the kitchen for most batches that they create. “It can be a lot to fit in alongside running the farm, but having a good crew both on the farm and for the processing helps tremendously,” he says.

You can visit Equinox Community Farm at the Northside Farmers’ Market, where they sell their canned goods alongside their seasonal produce.

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