Local Libations Summer 2016 Issue

Hard Cider & Cheese Pairing Tips

By Tracy Phillippi | Photo By Jim Klousia 0

Cider and cheese are a match made in heaven, and we now have some great local ciders to choose from.

For a grown-up version of the classic cheddar and apple snack, choose a medium sharp cheddar; the saltiness and rich, buttery flavor of the cheddar balances very nicely with a semi-sweet cider such as Restoration Cider’s Sugar River.

For something a bit more complex, try pairing a rich blue cheese with a dry, oak-aged cider like The Cider Farm.

On the more delicate side, a camembert or brie will go nicely with Island Orchard’s Pear Cider.

For goat cheeses, look for ciders on the sweeter side. Play with some contrast by pairing Mershon’s Artisan Cider with a rich, tangy chevre.

For dessert, highlight a cranberry chevre with a Ciderboys Cranberry Road.

Tracy Phillippi Tracy Phillippi is a Certified Cicerone who has been involved in nearly every aspect of the craft beer industry, first as a BJCP Beer Judge, beer scribe, and private tasting guide, and later as a home brewer, production brewer, and marketer extraordinaire. Tracy recently joined the team at Wisconsin Brewing Company as event sales manager, helping people plan joyful events in the state-of-the-art facility. When she’s not sipping new suds, Tracy can be found making cheese, running marathons, or exploring Madison with her Canadian hubby and wee baby boy.

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