Back of the House Fall 2011 Issue

Hillside Kitchen at Taliesin

By Jim Klousia | Photos By Jim Klousia 0

When we arrived at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture at Taliesin in Spring Green, year-round Taliesin resident Caroline Hamblen welcomed us. Caroline works for Taliesin Preservation, Inc., an organization dedicated to preserving the buildings, artifacts, landscape and legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin.

Caroline and her family have lived at Taliesin for a decade, and she has been coordinating the school’s organically-managed kitchen garden, Hillside Vegetable Garden, since 2006 in an effort to serve home-grown produce to the residents, faculty and students.

In addition to the garden, Taliesin has 261 acres of Certified Organic cropland managed by Nick Zimmer of Otter Creek Farms and his father, Gary Zimmer, a farmer and consultant well known worldwide for his leadership in biological agriculture and dedication to improving farming through building healthy soils.

Following his Philosophy of Organic Architecture, Wright approached architectural design in a way that promoted harmony between human habitation and the natural world, such as employing local craftspeople and procuring materials found close to his building sites. This human-to-nature connection is also the inspiration for the architectural design, preservation, gardening and cooking that goes on there today.

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