Season by Season: Our 5th Anniversary Recipe Issue

Publisher's Letter Summer 2015 Issue

Season by Season: Our 5th Anniversary Recipe Issue

By Jamie Lamonde & Jim Klousia | Photo By Jim Klousia 0

When we started Edible Madison five years ago, we could hardly believe that an Edible Communities publication was not already representing Wisconsin. As a pioneer in local food systems, sustainable and organic farming practices, farmers markets, community supported agriculture, farm-to-school activism, restaurants focused on local sourcing and so much more, our region seemed ripe. We passionately wanted to further the food and farming movement, help unify the drive of southern Wisconsin’s committed communities and amplify our voices nationally.

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we remind you of the strength that activism’s flavor has in your hands. This cookbook combines the best recipes from our archives as well as brand new recipes from some of our region’s most celebrated creators. While the recipes are organized by the seasons, many of them can be enjoyed anytime by simply substituting your favorite regional and seasonal ingredients. The keys to our economy, our environment and our community are already in your silverware drawer.

Check out the beautiful digital edition, or see all the recipes online.

With humility and gratitude, we dedicate this issue to all the individuals and organizations that have supported the mission of Edible Madison over the last five beautiful years. We thank everyone who has contributed to its pages: team members, writers, designers, photographers, recipe creators, topic experts, volunteers and insightful readers. We are endlessly grateful to our advertising partners for their ongoing support of our local food movement. Please, please take time to note each one of them as you enjoy this issue. Their vision, commitment and support make this communication vehicle possible.

We hope you enjoy exploring the recipes in this issue and that the road less-traveled leads to your greatest find. There are so many more stories to tell, and our mission will continue to guide.


Jamie Lamonde                              Jim Klousia
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief           Creative Director

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