Publisher's Letter Winter 2011 Issue

Publisher’s Letter: Winter 2011

By Jim Klousia | Photo By Jim Klousia 0

It’s been a great honor to guest-edit this issue of Edible Madison while Jamie takes a well-deserved break to spend time with her new baby boy.

In this issue, we’re celebrating sharing. With 750,000 (13 percent) of Wisconsinites living in poverty, we focus on the efforts of a few organizations within the state that are fighting to break the tie between poverty and food insecurity.

One pillar of this intricately integrated support network are the volunteers working in community gardens supplying Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin. Carrying on a long history in this country of neighbors working together to feed their communities, their efforts converge with produce donations from local retailers through a state-of-the-art distribution network that feeds more than 100,000 of our neighbors every day.

On a smaller scale, local artists have found their own way to share their talents through Empty Bowls. Volunteer potters shape, glaze and fire bowls which are sold at dinner events around the state, with proceeds benefitting food pantries and other relief organizations within our region.

While sharing his homemade pasta with friends, Peter Robertson gained encouragement to pursue his culinary craft professionally and now runs RP’s Pasta in Madison. Among his many contributions to the community, Peter shares his passion for pasta with middle school students through Chef in the Classroom. Teaching children to cook gives them a lifelong skill and builds a foundation for independence in the future. Our friends at Jordandal Farms, who were profiled in the last issue’s “See Jane Grow” article, also agree—Carrie and her husband provide fresh ingredients for the Chef in the Classroom program.

We hope you’ll be inspired to share your own talents and resources with our neighbors in need. We’re all in this together, and a little from all of us will do a lot. One simple thing we can each do this holiday season is support the local businesses that are sharing their bounty with our community. In the spirit of sharing, I’m including one of my grandma’s holiday cookie recipes as our Last Bite (p. 50). One taste while I was baking them for the photo shoot brought me right back to her kitchen, and I hope you’ll give them a try.

Finally, I want to thank all of the passionate volunteers, advisors, contributors and advertisers who make this publication possible. By sharing your time, talents and dedication, you’re helping steward our local food community. Thank you!

Jim Klousia
Guest Editor

Jim Klousia holds a Communication and Journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. A Wisconsin native, he is a local adventurer who loves food, photos and a good wheat beer. He is passionate about enjoying food with others and capturing life in Southern Wisconsin through photography.

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