Publisher’s Letter: Winter 2017

Publisher's Letter Winter 2017 Issue

Publisher’s Letter: Winter 2017

By Jamie Lamonde and Jim Klousia | Photo By Jim Klousia 0

When we first met Gilbert Williams over five years ago, we knew he was up to something special. He has revitalized on century-old facility in Lone Rock to bring us locally grown and milled flours under the Lonesome Stone Milling brand. With business partner Gary Zimmer raising wheat on Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed Taliesin property in Spring Green, Gilbert has a vision for a resurgence of local wheat products. They are heavy hitters. They are hard workers. They are local heroes. This edition of Edible Madison is, in large part, an homage to Gilbert and his team’s contributions to the agriculture and food culture of Southern Wisconsin.

When we travel the world, we want to see the local architecture, hear the local music, and of course, taste their food. We’re also taking this opportunity to pay tribute to the global culinary tradition of baking. Chances are you have a food memory that involves the room-filling aroma of an oven’s creation. It’s freshbaked bread and your grandma’s cookies. So delightful. But there’s so much more to experience. As you gather with friends and family this holiday season, consider taking them with you on a global journey.

You can participate in the mission of Edible Madison by supporting your local producers as you fill your kitchen with holiday goodies. And if you see cinnamon in a recipe (and you will): Don’t. Freak. Out. We’re all about supporting local agriculture wherever and whenever we can, but don’t let that stop you from fully experiencing authentic global traditions. If an ingredient isn’t grown locally, find a trusted source from a local purveyor and treat yourself to the experience.

A score of contributors throughout Southern Wisconsin made this issue happen. Many contributors shared their traditional family recipes that will give you a peek into the flavors of their heritage. We are endlessly grateful for generously sharing their family food traditions.

We would also like to extend a very special thank you to Dani Lind of Rooted Spoon Culinary. Dani took on the juggling act of preparing nearly all of the recipes in this issue for testing and photography—a feat that turned this edition of Edible Madison into reality.

From our families to yours, cheers to the journey.

With gratitude,

Jamie Lamonde
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Jim Klousia
Creative Director

Jamie Lamonde is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Edible Madison, a free, quarterly publication that celebrates the abundance of local foods in Southern Wisconsin.

Jamie has worked in the organic and sustainable lifestyle industry for more than a decade. She is a communications professional with a deep commitment to nurturing positive social change through values-driven, education-based public outreach. Through her work, she is committed to building bridges between family farmers and citizen-partners to change the food system for the better.

Jamie graduated from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, with a B.A. in English Literature. She lives in the beautiful Driftless Region of Southwest Wisconsin and continues to be inspired, and inspire others, through the organic and local food and farming movement.

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