How to Get Truly Fresh Fish in the Midwest

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How to Get Truly Fresh Fish in the Midwest

By Wendy Allen | Photos By Sitka Salmon Shares 0

Halibut, king salmon, sockeye salmon, tuna, jumbo prawns, crab… Imagine all this fresh Alaska-caught fish delivered right to your door each month. You can get it with a community supported fishery (CSF) membership, and Sitka Salmon Shares is now enrolling members for 2019, delivering at various times during the year depending on the package you select.

Like community supported agriculture, a CSF supports the fishermen in advance, so when they are out there bringing in the catch, they already know they have customers lined up—and what a relief that must be. But it’s not only a benefit to them; it benefits customers as well. Sitka Salmon Shares’ fishermen are out on the water for a maximum of three days, and their catches are frozen within 12 to 24 hours of reaching port. Compare this to the industry standard of six-day fishing trips (fish begin to decay around five days) and freezing fish at the end of their fresh shelf life, which could be weeks after being caught. When it takes a couple weeks for fish to reach the Midwest, these differences really add up in freshness.

Captain Brett Zaenglein

“When you serve a good quality fish that was well taken care of at every step, people are blown away,” says Brett Zaenglein, captain of the F/V Ginger. “Even people who claim they don’t like fish, they love it. I take care of every fish like I’m going to eat it myself. And with my fish, I like them to be perfect.” Sitka Salmon Shares and other community supported fishery models are a wonderful way to support sustainable, responsible fisheries while getting to eat some of the freshest-tasting fish you’ll ever have.

For Edible Madison readers, Sitka Salmon Shares is offering $25 off 2019 shares using the code EdibleMadison2019.

Captain Marsh Skeele

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