Tomato Mountain Farm

Notable Edibles Winter 2010 Issue

Tomato Mountain Farm

By Wendy Allen | Photo By Jim Klousia 0

Somehow, Tomato Mountain Farm found a way to fit a Wisconsin summertime in a jar—their salsas, soups, sauces and preserves bringing back those nearly-forgotten warm weather memories with the obvious care put into each batch, from vine to jar.

Their vegetable and fruit ingredients are all certified organic and grown right on the 12-acre farm in Brooklyn, 25 miles south of Madison. “Tomatoes grown by large scale operations are bred to be tough, to ripen uniformly, and to produce lots of fruit,” says Stephanie Spees, farm information manager with Tomato Mountain Farm. “Our tomatoes are bred first and foremost to taste good!”

The farm’s commitment to the health of their plants, hand-harvesting when the produce is fully ripe, and processing in their on-farm kitchen comes out in the delicious taste. Classic Roasted Tomato Salsa with garden fresh flavors, no added sugar or vinegar, and far less salt than other brands. Fire-Roasted Green Chile Salsa with chiles roasted on the farm over an open wood fire (an homage to owner Chris Covelli’s love of the Southwest). The best-selling Habanero Salsa, the farm’s unique recipe bringing out the actual flavor of the peppers alongside the heat. They also offer strawberry preserves, pasta sauce, tomato shallot soup, and an intriguing farm-fresh Bloody Mary mix.

“We believe using whole, healthy, and delicious ingredients sets our products miles apart,” says Stephanie.

Visit to order online, find where to buy at area stores and farmers markets, and learn more about their summer and fall CSA program offering home delivery in and around Madison.

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