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Women Farmers Building Community, Supporting One Another

By Wendy Allen | Photo By John D. Ivanko 0

Agriculture is often seen as a man’s world, but in fact, women are leading the future of farming. According to the 2017 National Young Farmer Survey, they make up 60 percent of farmers under the age of 40. While access to land, student loan debt, and access to health insurance are huge barriers for any young farmer, adequate farming education, resources and simple emotional support are also huge factors to success. Here are a few excellent women farmer groups that are helping ensure Southern Wisconsin’s young farmer population continues to grow. 

Women in Sustainable Agriculture Groups

These networking groups provide an opportunity for women farmers to make connections, share successes, seek advice, and simply enjoy one another’s company. Find a group near you at

Soil Sisters
August 3-5, 2018

Hosted by the Green County Women in Sustainable Ag group, this event brings the public to more than 20 farms for three days of educational activities, farm tours, on-farm dinners and workshops. It’s not only fun for the public, it encourages local women farmers to step out and share their passion with their community.   

In Her Boots

Formerly the MOSES Rural Women’s Project, this active group supports women farmers by providing resources and collaborative opportunities, hosting public and farmer networking events throughout the year, and publishing a podcast of the same name. 

Women Food & Agriculture Network

This national organization hosts an annual conference in a different location each year and operates a number of networking groups, such as Women Caring for the Land for women farmland owners interested in conservation, and Plate to Politics, encouraging women to engage in food and farming policy from the local to national level. 

To hear from a few young farmers in their own words, check out our Farmer Voices column!

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