Beans, dried

Numerous genus & species varieties



The category of dried beans applies to an incredibly wide range of beans, which would take up too much space to elaborate here. In general, any bean which can be dried (pretty much everything except green beans) fits into this category, even though they fall into various genus and species categories.

Opt for Certified Organic soybeans, since more than 90 percent of soy is genetically-modified today. Other types of beans are often ok when not certified, though talk to your farmer to find out if they spray chemical pesticides or if they use non-toxic options for controlling pests.

Nutrition: Beans are a good source of protein—soybeans are 35 percent protein by weight, and black-eyed peas are 23 percent protein, with a high folate content which is important for fetal growth. Beans, however, do not contain all the proteins necessary for good health, so vegetarians should be sure to supplement beans with other foods containing different types of protein, such as cereals and dairy products.

Beans, dried