Berries, frozen

September - May


What Wisconsinite doesn’t crave a bright-colored berry right about the time dark and dreary February rolls around? Freezing berries is a great way to preserve that summertime taste and freshness for a mid-winter boost of vitamins—not to mention, a reminder that winter will not last forever.

Visit each berry’s Eat Seasonal page for nutrition information and cooking tips. 

To freeze:

1) Blueberries should not be washed as this results in a tougher skin—wash blueberries after removing from the freezer. 

2) For all other berries, fill a sink with water and gently swirl berries in a colander so they don’t break apart. 

3) Drain and let sit in colander for 10-15 minutes to drain as much water as possible. 

4) Line a jelly roll pan with parchment paper and spread berries in one layer. Freeze for 24 hours. 

5) When frozen, place in a labeled bag and remove as much air as possible using a straw or vacuum sealer. 

Berries, frozen